To The Editor:

(This letter was sent to Vermont Governor Phil Scott.)

Dear Governor Scott:

I am writing to you about the now enhanced (but already too onerous) car inspection requirements. They are supposed to be for safety, but how many accidents are caused by a car falling to pieces on the road? Practically none.

Accidents are usually caused by drink, drugs, speed or inattention.

It is known that a great many people in Vermont are poor and on food stamps. There is no public transportation. They have to drive and cannot afford perfect cars.

I am old and poor and have a 10-year-old car which drives perfectly, but last year I had to pay $2,600 for new struts and various other things because of some rust. A man who came to work on my house told me he had to pay $3,400 on his perfectly good safe truck.  He has left the state and gone to North Carolina.

Who is really supposed to benefit from this? The car dealers or the garage owners once they have put in some new equipment.

You say you want more people to come to the state – I suppose really well-off people. They’re the only ones that can afford the cost of living here with expensive regulations like this.

Please do away with this unneeded burden; other states have different inspection laws and some, none at all. Do they have more accidents from imperfect cars? I wonder.

PA Davies