To The Editor:

Recently I saw an interview with Rep. Kathy Tran, D-Virginia, about the abortion bill she was sponsoring and when the interviewer asked if the woman was in labor and dilated and ready to give birth, if the abortion would still be permitted under her law. "Yes," replied Rep. Kathy Tran. That would mean a full-term baby ready to enter the world could be murdered and ripped apart by forceps in the mother’s womb.

Similarly, last week Virginia Governor Northam (D) was interviewed about abortion and he discussed how after the baby was born then a discussion with the mother and the doctors would take place. I ask what discussion – the worth of the child before its murder?

How we have a similar bill proposed in Vermont H.57 by Rep. Pugh, D-South Burlington, and co-sponsored by Maxine Grad, D-Moretown, and Kari Dolan, D-Waitsfield, and 87 other Vermont representative endorsing exactly the same practice of full-term abortion and infanticide that was defeated in Virginia but hailed as a triumph in New York.

Soon Vermont and New York could join the ranks of North Korea and China in its condoning this barbaric and inhumane practice. Are we not better and more compassionate than that? Do these infants have no rights?

I say human rights are the rights that all other rights spring and that includes women's rights. Please let us have our voices heard on what kind of world we want and what kind of Vermont we stand for.

Mary Laulis