To The Editor:

In reference to February 21 “Working on next steps for LOT”.

I read with interest about your local LOT 1 percent tax. Just thought I’d add my thoughts. My family has been visiting The Valley for over 30 years and has thought what a great place to retire.

But once again you bring me back to reality and remind me why it is a great place to visit but does not make economic sense for me and my family to relocate. You tax my pension, you tax my 401k, you tax my annuity, you tax my social security, you tax me for spending money (sales tax), you tax me for interest on savings, you tax my wife’s income and, finally, you tax my property. Now you propose to add additional taxes for me to pay, reducing my income during my “golden years.”

So I won’t be moving to The Valley spending my money in Shaw’s (Grand Union). I won’t be spending money in the Mobil gas station (finally got curb cut). I won’t be going to the Hyde Away (Snuggery).

I won’t be going to the Smokehouse (Moose Lips). I won’t be spending money for insurance, heating, food, restaurants and day-to-day life, which provides income for those who provide for their families. As your state has to give people $10,000 to move in, I was ready, able and willing without the “bribe.”

Tom Spiker

Levittown, NY

P.S. And, yes, I’ll still buy a duck this summer