To The Editor:

A commonwealth, a republic such as ours, requires citizens willing to serve the common interest. We, the citizens of Waitsfield, are fortunate to have among us some who are willing to give their time and talent in the service of our town. In particular, I want to single out eight people serving on the Waitsfield Conservation Commission. For three and one-half years I had the pleasure of serving on this commission. As the ninth member of the commission, it’s not out of false modesty but objective fact that I cannot include myself in providing what these people have given and continue to give to our town.

These commissioners bring varied background, education and experiences encompassing law, forestry, conservation, business, property assessment and construction. They are bound by an interest in bringing their expertise to meet the long-term needs of our community in the realm of conservation. In monthly meetings their differing views on commission policy and projects are met with serious, respectful dialogue and thoughtful compromise before offered to the town’s citizens for consideration.

Long after many of us have reaped the rewards of their service, there will remain a small portion of the Earth in Waitsfield, Vermont, that will retain a natural beauty balanced by practical and recreational use. Due to the dedication and guidance of these commissioners and the support of our community the quality of the commons is enriched.

Thank you to the commissioners for offering your advice in service to our town and to the citizens of Waitsfield for having the wisdom to follow it.

Tom Dean

Waitsfield, Vermont