To The Editor:

The safety of our children, seniors and visitors (who may not be as familiar with the complexities of this Route 100-Bridge Street intersection) all deserve these recommended sidewalk modifications. The overall 30 mph posted speed limits on Route 100 between The Blue Stone and Kenyon’s should also be reimagined and lowered to 25 mph. Waterbury (pre current construction) has a 25 mph limit and when you become accustomed to this limit you realize just how safe this speed limit is when you drive through a congested area like Waterbury. Why not consider, along with the sidewalk modifications, a speed limit reduction to 25 mph? What is our rush when driving through the Mad River Valley (MRV) that should prevent us from considering this change?

I also wish Paul Hartshorn would move to a more “contemporary thinking” in his role as Waitsfield Select Board chair and embrace the future. There is nothing wrong to look toward Stowe to learn from their experiences. There seems to be a fear of learning from Stowe and other communities, who may just have some good ideas. We don’t want to change the look and feel of the MRV, but maybe we can learn from other communities (like Stowe). Paul, please let’s look toward the future and release some of your restraints from the past without us losing the identity of what we respect here in the MRV, and why so many of us our proud to call The Valley “our home.”

Donald F. Simonini

North Fayston, Vermont