To The Editor:

Do you really trust the government over yourself to solve your problems?

We recently saw an argument gaslighting the virtues of socialism. The claim that "new Republicans" are not conservatives but reactionaries is the opposite of what I have found and the classical definition. The claim that Republicans extol Christian, fanatical fascism over the population is a bit far-fetched. The new Democratic Party is the party of Hollywood, coastal elites, Silicone Valley and the uber rich. So, which is the party of the rich? In fact, the claim that Bernie Sanders (who became rich while spewing socialism) is the "new liberal" (socialist) we find in the modern Democratic Party is a bit confusing with all the other liberals in the crowded Democratic presidential race. As defined, in contrast to the op-ed author's definition, conservatives generally believe in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, traditional American freedoms and values, and a strong national defense. Liberal socialistic policies emphasize big government watching over us, taxing us while they get rich.

As Winston Churchill once said (about socialism), its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.

Robin Donkersloot, Waitsfield, Vermont

Mary Laulis, Warren, Vermont