To The Editor:

I am a faithful reader of The Valley Reporter and I have been struck recently by articles announcing new signs in The Valley.

The Waitsfield Historical Society put up a new sign at the General Wait House and the Rotary announced they would be putting up new signs welcoming drivers to the Mad River Valley. One will be on Route 100 near Waitsfield Telecom and one south of Warren Village.

Out of curiosity I began counting signs on Route 100.

Between Kenyon’s and the junction of Route 100 and Route 17, a distance of 2 miles, there are already 69 publically financed signs. This number does not count street name signs and permanent or temporary business signs.


South from Kenyon’s to Bridge Street (1 mile) – 17.

South from Bridge Street to the junction of 100 and 17 (1 mile) – 17.

North from junction of 100 and 17 to Bridge Street (1 mile) – 15.

North from Bridge Street to Kenyon’s (1 mile) – 20.

Total: 69

That is 3.45 public signs per one-tenth of a mile, a number that seems high for a state that cares enough for its view shed to have banned private billboards.

I should note that traveling south on 100 there are already four signs indicating that you are in Waitsfield: one highway sign, Waitsfield Telecom, Historic District and town hall. In this age of satellite navigation systems, it is not clear to me why there is a need for another sign that tells drivers they are now in Waitsfield.

As you walk, drive or bike look around, focus on signage and make your own decision as to whether or not the signage on Route 100 is excessive or not and let your elected officials know what you think.

Jim Boylan

Waitsfield, Vermont