To The Editor:

This letter was sent to the Harwood Unified Union School District Board.

Hello board members,

My wife and I live in the main street of Moretown and have just had a baby (there is one just a few months older in the house across the street from us as well). It would be great if the school stayed open so they could attend it eventually. Also the couple two doors down are getting married soon and, who knows, they will probably produce one as well.

I know of multiple babies that live up on South Hill Road as well who will one day presumably want to attend Moretown School; by all accounts the numbers are increasing rather than decreasing.

I’m all for consolidation and cost savings where possible, but in order to support any decisions I think the only way would be to obtain and show a detailed record of student population, births and whether or not the numbers are in fact decreasing or increasing. This way people can see in black and white what is actually going on and most will no doubt support any difficult but logical decisions that need to be made.

Andrew McClymont

Moretown, Vermont