To The Editor:

Here are parts of the letter we read to the Harwood Unified Union School Board on November 13.

We are here on behalf of the student body at Harwood Middle School. We are respectfully pleading to avoid the closure of our school and moving us to Crossett Brook.

We collected 56 signatures (83 percent are seventh-graders) just this morning asking you not to close our school. Moving us would be technically closing a school and the board can’t actually close a school until 2021.

We have our own separate space but we get to take advantage of the high school programs, food and teachers. The classes at Crossett will be large and the school won’t be able to hold all of us. We would have to use portable classrooms -- not just us but Crossett students as well. The spaces will be compacted and stuffy if you ask us. We have friends at Crossett telling us how crowded it is there already. Imagine adding Harwood students into the mix. The result is even more crowding. A lot of people say that Harwood Middle isn’t a school. Everyone at Harwood thinks it’s a school. The school is called Harwood Middle School.

Crossett’s good too but we picked Harwood instead of Crossett when choosing which school to go to. If we’re forced to move, it could be very stressful for some students. It took us time to switch to Harwood but doing that two more times for not much of a reason seems unnecessary. We appreciate your time. Thank you.

Estella Peterson, Moretown, Vermont
and Greta Schaller, Moretown, Vermont