To The Editor:

I spent Martin Luther King weekend in The Valley where I have been visiting for 10 years and go as often as I can. Our Bernese mountain dog, Roxy, is like a kid at an amusement park when we’re at Sugarbush, especially when there’s snow – there is little controlling her or bringing her inside when she’s outdoors. I’ve always wondered about the noise impact that fireworks have on wildlife. I live in a relatively urban part of Connecticut, so figured a walk outside in the evening would be just like any other. For the first time in her 19 months alive I saw my dog Roxy beyond scared. I tried to calm her. There was no calming down. Her working dog strength led us back inside as quick as she could. Sugarbush should think more about the larger impact of fireworks (July 4 especially). Before I got my dog, I’d wonder about the violent noise pollution in the mountains. Is it really worth it? As part of this I came across the following link. I think it would be fair to nature to give it some thought.

Matt Pentz and Roxy

Norwalk, CT