To The Editor:

Thank you to all those who have donated to the Mad River Valley Community Fund (MRVCF) both recently and over the years. It is in moments like this that we see the strength of our community. The way The Valley pulls together is something that gives us all a deep confidence that things will ultimately be OK. Having been lucky enough to serve on the community fund board for several years, I get to see how much support there is for our little Valley from ZIP codes far and wide. I also work up on the mountain at Paradise Provisions and get to experience our visitors, second-home owners and longtime Valley skiers’ complete enthusiasm and love for our way of life. So much so that they come back year after year and hopefully feel that they are part of it.

I understand that the fears we have about the virus have many running at a fever pitch right now, so I want to extend an olive branch to those second-home owners and other out-of-town folks who are quarantining in second homes and condos here in the Mad River Valley right now. I believe that if I were in their shoes, I would have come home to The Valley too. Thank you for supporting our way of life with your donations to our charity, shopping in our businesses, eating in our restaurants and being part of our larger Valley community.

Ashley Woods