To The Editor:

Deep thanks for publishing my “Beyond COVIDphobia” op/ed, based on 10 weeks of crowdsourced research and peer-reviewed science, as well as thoughtful responses from MRV neighbors Kathy Mehuron, Robin Lehman, Peter Oliver and Tom Dean. While we Vermonters may sometimes disagree on virological science, government policy and community protocols, discussing together our MRV’s viral response is vital. Unfortunately, most Vermont news outlets, from Front Porch Forum to VTDigger, have opted to censor such discussions and uncritically promote the CDC/WHO coronavirus party line, ”despite mounting evidence that the CDC and WHO got it wrong – the CDC admits the COVID death rate to now be at 0.26%, while 500 U.S. doctors just sent an urgent letter to the White House calling the national COVID lockdown policy a “mass casualty incident,” due to the horrific socio-economic and public health consequences we are now witnessing. Kudos to our weekly Valley Reporter for having the courage to serve as a resource for these important community conversations. My VR re-subscription check will be in the mail next week.

Rob Williams, Ph.D.

Waitsfield, Vermont