To The Editor:

I found this in my local newspaper, The Ocala Star Banner, this morning and thought I would pass it along to The Valley Reporter. I lived and ran a business in Waitsfield for 25 years. I can't tell you how many times the locals referred to outsiders and their ways. This letter to the editor hits the nail on the head how The Valley locals feel about outsiders. The title is ‘You're here, not there.’

You come here because you didn't like it there, and now you want to change here to be like there. We are not racists, phobic or whatever you are, we simply like it here the way it is, and most of us actually came here because it's not there. If you want here to be like there, you should not have left there to come here, and you are invited to leave here and go back there at your earliest convenience!

David S. Corey

Ocala, FL

formerly, Corey's Automotive