To The Editor:

Many problems are touching our lives: COVID-19, climate change; social justice inequities; impact on our businesses, farms, families, needy individuals, education, health and social services systems; how we communicate and interact while keeping safe and healthy; crises for people without jobs; inadequate minimum wage; vulnerable people who need special attention – unemployed, disabled, poor, elderly and children.

David Zuckerman will be the governor prepared to deal with our concerns. He is an organic farmer; he is dedicated to serving, now lieutenant governor and prior many terms in our legislative bodies. He has contacted affected sectors and people in developing policy proposals on unemployment compensation, minimum wage increase, educating our children, providing affordable housing with access to our shopping centers, bolstering our stressed economy, businesses and farms.

I am voting for David Zukerman in the August 11 primary; I encourage all to do so.

Carolyn M. Heft