To The Editor:

On November 11, 2021, without warning, I was suddenly stricken with a heart attack while rushing to get my lawn mowed. My wife had just left for work so I was left to fend for myself. She, being a member of Mad River Valley Ambulance Service, has admonished quite a few neighbors to not drive themselves to the hospital if they think they have a heart issue but to call the ambulance; that’s why they are there.

Well, for once, I took her advice and quickly dialed the ambulance as I crawled around with the phone. Within minutes first responders who live in Moretown showed up immediately made me comfortable and prepped me for the ride. Just their soothing voices and competent demeanor brought me comfort. You know who you are and thanks!

Soon we were joined by the ambulance, more personnel, as well as Barre Town EMS, who can administer stronger meds. In a few minutes we were quickly and smoothly headed directly to the ED in Burlington. Great driving – you know who you are.

At some point on the way, amidst the IV pokes, spray or two of nitro and monitoring of all vital signs, I was aware of someone actually holding my trembling hand – a warm, concerned and comforting human touch – without a doubt the very best of all medicines.

A calm settled over me, and I knew I was going to be OK. Even as I write this, I tear up with gratitude – you know who you are and I will never forget you either – my humble thanks.

Obviously, I survived to tell my story, but it could have ended far differently. Call the ambulance if you need them. We are so fortunate to have these amazing and dedicated neighbors in our midst.

Thank for all the cards and letters, and thanks to my bride for – everything, dear!

John Lynch