To The Editor:

To all of our friends in the community,

As the weather cools and this year’s growing season comes to an end, the ShareMRV team would like to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped make our second year with the Victory Garden and community farm stand an amazing success. So many of you helped, in a dizzying array of ways: You donated your lovingly grown seedlings and veggies to our garden and stand; you shared your time, planting, weeding and watering the garden; you shopped for veggies at our farm stand; you stopped by just to say hello and share a story with us; you baked delicious bread for us to share at the farm stand; and so much more! A special thanks goes to our community partners, without whom what we do just wouldn’t be possible: George, Tina and the team at Lareau Farm and the farmers at the Waitsfield Farmers Market – Tunbridge Hill Farm, Clearfield Farm, Moon Castle Farm and Life Arises Farm. 

Donna Mackie for ShareMRV