To the Editor:

Molly Gray ran for Lieutenant Governor in 2020 as a newcomer but handily won the Democratic nomination against a crowded field, including the then-President pro tem of the Vermont Senate. She defeated a well-known Republican in the general election. In both contests, she was able to draw diverse support from all corners of the state. 

While at UVM, Molly interned in Senator Leahy’s Burlington office. She later worked on Peter Welch’s 2006 campaign and helped set up and staff his Capitol Hill office.

Molly has also worked for the International Red Cross where she led missions to multiple international trouble spots. She worked in Vermont as a bartender while in law school and then served as assistant attorney general. Serving in Congress requires a vision and skill set that you can’t necessarily acquire in the State House. She also provides a much-needed next-generation perspective.

Bill Nowlan