To The Editor:

Thank you to all who are so generously supporting Amurtel’s work with Ukrainian refugees. A special shout out to the wonderful staff and customers at Alpino Vino who collectively donated $2,400! And everyone who stopped to support the fundraiser organized by Brooke Cunningham and Vee’s Flowers with beautiful crafts from local artists. They raised over $2,500!




Our team on the Romanian border used those funds to procure desperately needed supplies, and then arranged to have them trucked directly into Ukrainian towns. Amurtel is continuing to work closely with teams within Ukraine. Our trained trauma psychologists are helping families cope with the constant rocket fire, and we continue to work closely with Ukrainian municipalities to assess and provide needed supplies. And our coordinating center on the border is providing support for women and children fleeing the violence.

The horrific situation that continues to unfold in Ukraine does not have an end in sight. Amurtel is committed to being there as long as needed, but we are looking forward to one day being able to move our operations into Ukraine itself to assist with rebuilding. Let us all hope that day comes soon.

Joni Zweig, president