To The Editor:

In 1992 I flew a Boeing 757 from Frankfurt to Montreal where my crew and I enjoyed a three-day layover. We rented a car and visited central Vermont, following Route 100, depicted as a scenic route on the Rand McNally Road Atlas.

While driving along, I observed a lonely biplane up in the skies in the vicinity of Stowe. I followed the airplane to its landing at the Morrisville Airport. I approached the pilot and asked him to take me for a ride, as I have never been in an open cockpit biplane before. I then enjoyed a fantastic short flight over the Green Mountains and after landing back in Morrisville we both exchanged names and business cards. The biplane pilot was Ron Krantz.

This biplane flight, and the later discovery of the, to me, most beautiful airport in the world, the Warren-Sugarbush Airport, eventually led me to buy a piece of land right next to the airport, build a house and buy a vintage airplane, hangared in sight of my house.

Ron Krantz, therefore, vastly contributed to me falling in love with Vermont from above.

Thank you, Ron, for a 30-year-long friendship and making me feel so much at home in the Sugarbush airport community.

Fabio Schulthess
Lufthansa Airline captain, Ret.
Ascona, Switzerland and
Warren, Vermont