July 14, 2006

To The Editor:

(This letter is addressed to the keepers of the White Flag Memorial for soldiers killed in Iraq.)

I send you this letter with great concern for the message you send in a field not far from my home. It deeply saddens me that over this Fourth of July weekend, our nation's most symbolic tradition can be so easily disgraced by a simple and careless act of negligence.

In a family and tradition such as the military, steeped in sacrifice, honor and symbolism, your political statement (a death toll, in a tally fashion reminiscent of a past war, complete with surrender flags) posing as a tribute to our nation's fallen troops is a shallow façade, especially when you leave our flag to drape repeatedly on the ground for the past month, which clearly shows blatant disrespect.

This action brings disgrace to you, your business, your community and all who support your so-called memorial. I love this nation and served to protect it. If you cannot pay tribute to our fallen, with honor, selflessness and at least integrity, don't do it at all!

I urge you to take this flag to the VFW and have them ceremoniously dispose of this flag as called for in protocol.

Lucas Harrison