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Let's take the first example. It is implied that the current dip in the gasoline price structure has been conveniently arranged and timed to improve the poll chances for conservatives. This shows a complete lack of understanding of how the free enterprise system functions - Economics 101.

When a product or service becomes scarce versus demand, the price goes up and goes down when the reverse occurs. It is no surprise, therefore, that the price of gasoline can vary with the "driving season." To think that the oil price structure can be controlled by a few in the White House borders on paranoia, especially when we have someone like Hugo Chavez and a Muslim group called OPEC  in control of a great portion of the oil we import.

A second example concerns the safety of the American public. The Liberal mentality is to "get" Bush, since he is an "illegal president" anyway, without regard for the damage done to the country's efforts to expose the terrorists, domestic and foreign, who are driven by a fanatic religious determination to kill Americans. Spies and spying are a super important part of breaking schemes and plots against us, yet the radical left (including the ACLU) insists upon distorting our wiretap and terrorist financing efforts. They also think that the detainees (a great source of useful information) at GTMO should have the same rights as soldiers even though they wear no uniform, belong to no state, have not signed the Geneva Convention, decapitate prisoners, hide in schools and hospitals, etc.

The editorial of the 21st is a typical example of much of the liberal political position and is dangerous to our health and safety and hopefully can be corrected in the near future.

Olin E. Potter