I do applaud and encourage lessons on the constitution as everyone should be aware of their rights and liberties, and everyone who enlists or receives a commission into the service takes an oath to support and defend the constitution, but I did not appreciate comments about the state of American military forces. As I
am currently away from my family, training with a Battalion of Marines preparing for deployment to Iraq of which for almost the majority of us this will be a subsequent deployment, I could not disagree more with the undertones of the previous letter. 

These young Americans, and some of us here are not even Americans yet, are motivated and eager to continue serving for what they believe is a great country. This is an all volunteer force, and no one is here
that does not want to be. Ask any of them why they are here, and they will tell you it is their duty. They will tell you that the moment they saw those planes bring down the World Trade Center they knew this is what they had to do, no different a sentiment from the reactions of  those when they heard about Peal Harbor, I'm sure. 

It is rather shameful that there be a proposal to hide your children from military recruiters, when in reality you should be pointing the recruiters out to your children as I would expect them to be a great example of self-discipline, physical and moral courage and all those traits that keep you from doing drugs, stealing political signs, picking other folk's flowers, driving on Route 100 with excessive speed, etc. As always but especially with Veteran's Day around the corner and considering the nation is at war, honor those that have served and sacrificed for our freedoms, support those that are serving today and instill a sense of duty in those that will protect us tomorrow. 

Vic Noble, Warren & New Bern, NC