October 26, 2006

To The Editor:

Time is running out for the Breast Cancer and Environmental Research Act to be passed by Congress. When Congress returns after the November election there will be a "lame duck" session leaving only three short weeks to get this important legislation passed.

We've been working on getting this enacted for years--and now only four people, all in leadership positions in Congress, are holding this up. Congress needs to be contacted in order to get the Breast Cancer and Environmental Research Act enacted into legislation before the end of the 109th Congressional session. The leadership of Congress needs to hear that you expect them to follow the rest of their colleagues, and the public, and support this Act.

Please sign the electronic petition--or print out a hard copy petition and collect signatures. Both are at: www.LessPinkMoreResearch.org.

If you prefer, petitions are available for your signature at various Valley locations, including the information table in the entrance of the Joslin Library in Waitsfield village.

For additional information about how you can help with this and other breast cancer advocacy issues, visit www.StopBreastCancer.org.

Election day is coming. Do you know where all the candidates stand on breast and ovarian cancer and other cancer-related health care issues for women and men? If you have a chance, please ask them or do some online research before you go into the voting booth.

Please consider joining, or making a donation of any size, to the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC.) NBCC is comprised of over 250 organizations and many thousands of individuals (women and men) working
together and advocating to get the right research done so we can definitively find the causes and then the cures in order to eradicate this insidious disease.

Your help is needed--and appreciated!

Gail Breslauer


member and former Board of Director of NBCC