Beyond the softball and soccer games, there's been a flurry of activity at Brooks Field at Warren Elementary School.

After surveying the site, this past week Waitsfield-based company Aegis Renewable Energy made visible progress on the installation of a 162kW municipal solar array. The 522-panel array will produce 165kWh of net-metered energy, which will offset about 88 percent of the town and town school district load.

Once installed, the array will occupy a total area of 45 by 500 feet split between two locations: a strip of land between the road on the far side of Brooks Field and the forest behind it and another strip of land at the edge of the field within the town-owned Eaton Parcel.

This past May, Warren taxpayers voted 141-47 to approve a bond of $462,829 (subject to reduction by grants) for the installation of the array and last week Governor Peter Shumlin mentioned the project in a visit to The Valley as part of his Summer Solar Tour recognizing towns and businesses for their work with renewable energy systems.

As Shumlin announced on Tuesday, July 29, the town of Warren received an $80,000 grant from the Vermont Clean Energy Development Fund for the municipal solar array, as did the town of Waitsfield and eight other communities across the state.