Last month, Moretown Select Board confronted road foreman Martin Cameron after they received a complaint that he had used town equipment to do work on his personal property.

According to the draft minutes of the August 18 meeting, Cameron said that he used the town's excavator for two hours one Saturday and two hours the following Sunday to pull two stumps in his yard and for ditching the pasture on his property on Freeman Hill, up the road from where the excavator had been sitting.

When select board member Michelle Beard asked Cameron if he had asked for permission to use the town equipment, Cameron responded that he had not but said that he used about 20 gallons of his own diesel to replenish that which he had used.

Select board member Tom Martin said that Cameron's use of the town equipment was a serious one that needed to be discussed when the whole board was present.

A few weeks later, at their meeting on Monday, September 2, Martin responded to a neighbor's complaint of Cameron's use of the town equipment—which he feels is more than Cameron admitted to—by saying that the board had reached an agreement with Cameron in an executive session that he will reimburse the town for his use of the excavator.