Final permits were issued last week for the construction of an additional parking lot at Lincoln Peak at Sugarbush. Construction has commenced, and completion is expected prior to opening day of the 2014-15 winter season.

The former Warren House restaurant has been cleaned out and demolished, and tree removal begins this week. Once the 4.5-acre parcel of land is cleared, construction of a new gravel parking lot west of theĀ former Warren House will commence and will include associated stormwater and lighting infrastructure.

A new driveway accessing the parking lot will be added directly across Sugarbush Access Road from the existing Lot E access. The new parking lot will provide 450 additional parking spaces at Lincoln Peak.

Skier visits at peak times have been on the increase in recent years, causing a strain on current parking conditions. The new parking spaces are intended to mitigate this parking strain and provide a better experience to resort guests.

The existing pedestrian path running along the south side of Sugarbush Access Road will be preserved and ultimately extended on the east end by approximately 400 feet. However, the pedestrian path is currently closed during the construction period.