In The Valley, only Warren and Waitsfield budget money to pay the Washington County Sheriff's Department for patrol services. Moretown, Fayston and Duxbury do not.

This year, Warren will budget $34,900 for Washington County Sheriff patrol as well as $8,525 for the town's constables' wages and $1,000 for the constables' benefits. Warren anticipates those law enforcement costs will be reduced by $2,500 that the town receives from tickets issued by the sheriff. Warren's paid constables are Jeff Campbell and Gene Bifano.

Last year Warren's budget projected revenue from tickets at $3,000, but that was only $1,531 in actual revenue. In 2013, the town anticipated $3,747 in ticket revenue but received $1,648.

In 2013, Warren spent the allocated $26,214 for the sheriff's department and $7,369 for the constables. In 2014, the town budgeted $34,900 for the sheriff's department but spent $29,007. That same year the town budgeted $7,825 for the constables and $334 for the constables' benefits. Actual constable costs in 2014 were $7,744 and $415, respectively.

In Waitsfield, the select board is working on a budget to follow the 18-month budget that voters approved at Town Meeting last year. Last year's law enforcement budget in Waitsfield was presented in two parts, the January to June 2014 budget and the July 1 to June 30, 2015, budget. What the town will present to voters in March will be the July 1, 2015, to July 30, 2016, budget.

The budget amounts of the 18-month budget approved last year are approximately 50 percent higher due to the extra six months.

In 2013, the town budgeted $31,678 for law enforcement but spent only $25,227. That was offset by money received from traffic tickets of $4,306 and $2,000 for selling the town's constable car. In 2013, the town had anticipated $6,000 in traffic control revenue.

The 18-month budget projected $15,839 through last June (actual was $13,207) and then $32,945 through this July. The proposed budget for the following year is $32,000.

In terms of revenues, the town anticipated revenue of $1,500 for the first six months of 2014 and actual revenue was $2,205. The town anticipated revenue of $3,000 from last July to this June and by December had received $2,725. Looking ahead, the town anticipates $5,000 in traffic control revenue in the next budget year, which runs July 1, 2015, to June 30, 2016.