October 12, 2006

Members of the Mad River Valley Recreation District worked on a preliminary budget and allocation of funding at a regular meeting this week.

MRVRD board members met on October 10 to discuss funding requests and proposed allocations. The tri-town recreation district is funded by contributions from Warren, Waitsfield and Fayston. Local sports and recreation groups submitted funding requests which MRVRD board members assess before allocating funds.

At this week's meeting, board members heard budget requests from Stan Barosky of the Couples' Club and Mary Simmons of Open Hearth.

Barosky presented a project slated to cost $15,000 to $20,000. The explained the club's plans to reconfigure their Waitsfield fields so that the space can be used by as many kids as possible. The reconfiguration requires creating new fields from scratch including benches, backstops, bases and fencing. Barosky did not ask the rec board for a specific sum but asked for whatever funding assistance is possible.

Simmons reviewed the Open Hearth proposal requesting funding assistance with the installation of a playground next to the Big Picture Theater and Café. That project will cost $5,362.

Rec district board members have $17,598.95 in money market funds which includes Warren's annual contribution of $12,500. Similar contributions from Waitsfield and Fayston are expected shortly, which, coupled with other funds, brings the district's balance up to $44,000.

Board members reviewed funding proposals including those received from the Warren Skatepark, the Mad River Path Association and the Skatium.

The Warren Skatepark requested $10,000 to help cover the cost of rebar and Shotcrete, which is used for the riding surfaces.  The Mad River Path requested $5,750 to assist with costs associated with building a new trail from the future van Loon bridge to the existing Catamount Trail. This project is located on the east side of German Flats Road across from Fayston School. The Path has outlined this project as a high priority, as it will not only provide an additional public access area to recreation opportunities for both locals and tourists but also will enable the children from Fayston School to access these trails more safely for various science projects and sports activities.

The Skatium requested $11,000 in funds to be allocated for repairs in and around the rink. Proposed improvements include replacing dasher boards as well as replacing the walkway and steps from the parking lot to the rink and repairing existing board panels.

After reviewing all of the funding requests a preliminary budget was created. This budget will be presented to the select boards at their Summit meeting in November. Proposed funding will be as follows:

Warren Skatepark: $7000
Mad River Park: $3400
Mad River Path Assoc: $5750
Skatium: $8000
Couple's Club: $10,000
Open Hearth: $5362
Phone/PO Box: $126
VR Ads/Marketing: $500
Reserve for misc funding requests during the year: $3500
Total: $43,638