"A Tree that Dreams" by Roark Sharlow

Due to the outstanding quality of the photographs submitted for this year's annual Photo Show in the Round Barn, selecting the winners for the three Best in Show Awards was very difficult and required much consideration and deliberation on the part of the judges. The winners are Roarke Sharlow's A Tree that Dreams, Sandra Shenk's Mesquite Flat Dunes, Abstract #3 and Rob Spring's image Max Gray Barn.

Photographs selected for Honorable Mention are Omar Batah's image Reservoir, Stephen Beattie's Turquoise, Russ Bowen's Classic Rower, Bill Countryman's Northfield, Jean Donohue's Mosque at Cordoba, Vera Resnik's Under the Sea #1, Paul Preuss' Screech Owl and Joanne Shedrick's Around We Go.

Organizers thanked all 72 photographers who are in this year's Green Mountain Cultural Center (GMCC) 26th annual Photo Show. The show is open to the public through Labor Day Monday and everybody is invited to come and see it.

"Max Gray Barn" by Rob Singer
"Mesquite Flat Dunes, Abstract 3" by Sandra Shenk