The Harwood Unified Union School District (HUUSD) central office budget is down $5,706.33 for the upcoming budget season. The total budget for the central office, including fiscal services and special education functions, will fall from $1,349,199.48 to $1,343,493.15.

Within that budget the office of the superintendent and central office services will decrease approximately 4.72 percent for the coming year, from $691,885.06 to $660,700.82. While salaries within the superintendent’s office are increasing $6,866 for the superintendent, an administrator and a curriculum administrator salary, savings of $49,423.68 are realized by the reduction of an administrative support position. The cost of a central office project manager was also reduced from $68,475 to $60,619.

Health care costs for this group of central office staff increased from $41,704.09 to $56,767.84.

Special education costs are anticipated to increase from $163,821.20 to $169,456.53. Salaries for those who administer special education in the district will increase from $103,327.97 to $108,483.18. The cost of health care for special education employees is decreasing from $14,885.48 to $14,181.63.

The cost of fiscal services is projected to increase from $493,393.22 to $513,336.18. Fiscal services salaries are going up from $315,502.52 to $324,427.40. Health insurance for those who work in fiscal services is increasing from $83,481.84 to $89,696.37.

There are some items that appear in each of the three spreadsheets for central office costs that are going up uniformly. The cost of municipal retirement contributions for the central office is going from $4,459.44 to $6,627.45. The cost of that same contribution for the fiscal services employees is going from $13,209.23 to $17,643.44. For special education employees, that figure rises from $1,084.09 to $1,518.09.

Each separate spreadsheet includes a line titled “employment security.” That expense represents the school district’s unemployment insurance costs. District CFO Michelle Baker cautioned that this is a working version of the central office budget.

That line item is increased from $344.46 to $1614.96 for the superintendent’s office, from $130.43 to $612.38 for special education and from $315.50 to $1459.91 for the fiscal services office.

The central office budget is part of the larger HUUSD school budget which is currently projected at $37,191,813 for the coming year, up from the current budget year expenditures of $36,294,313.21 – an increase of $897,499.90.