The Harwood Unified Union District (HUUSD) Board may vote on a recommendation to put all middle school students at Crossett Brook at its October 10 meeting.

After public and board presentations delivered by Dave Epstein from TruexCullins and Bert DeLaBruere ReArch and the rest of the executive committee, the committee endorsed option four as the best fit for the district moving forward.

The executive project committee, comprised of school board members, administrative persons and principals, recommended that option, which would have all seventh- and eighth-graders in the district attending to Crossett Book, 5.5 miles away from the current middle school at Harwood.

Option four would have all seventh- and eighth-grade students in the district attending Crossett Brook, along with the Waterbury/Duxbury fifth- and sixth-graders. The Valley fifth- and sixth-graders would stay put. This option would include a new addition with an option for a second floor, an art room, an option for a second floor makers-space, an administration space renovation, and a new electrical room that ReArch recommended.

An estimated new 80 parking spaces would be needed for this option. The cost of this renovation would be $7,925,688 -- subject to change.

Principals in the HUUSD district were present at the last board meeting and advised the board members to think about and decide upon a dedicated middle school staff.

The meeting is taking place in the Harwood library at 6 p.m. as The Valley Reporter goes to press.