R. H. Travers' company's energy-saving Freeaire Refrigeration System, developed here in the Mad River Valley, will be the subject of a broadcast to a national television audience on the Discovery Network's Science Channel on Tuesday, January 14, at 10 p.m. (EST).

Company president and inventor of the system Richard Travers and national sales manager Michael Levengood, both of Warren, will appear in the 20-minute segment of the Science Channel's Invention Nation series as they installed a Freeaire system in a walk-in cooler at Killington Resort in September.

The installation was one of 14 walk-in coolers at Killington retrofitted with Freeaire systems this last fall. As long ago as 1989, the owners of many Mad River Valley walk-in coolers have learned that Freeaire refrigeration systems tap into the greatest source of refrigeration ever created: winter.

Using cold outside air to chill the coolers during periods of cold weather instead of the usual compressor system, and other energy-saving strategies the rest of the year, each Freeaire system can save thousands of dollars of electricity each year. Killington estimates its savings at more than 86,389 kilowatt hours of electricity, while eliminating an estimated 58 tons of global-warming CO2 emissions annually.

Peace Point Entertainment sent a 14-person production crew to spend an entire day shooting the segment and assisting Travers and Levengood with the installation. Invention Nation, hosted by Nobu Adilman, Micah Donovan and Chris Martin, is based on three guys' who are passionate about the green life, who take a veggie-fueled trip across America in search of eco-inventions. Their journey takes them from New York to California, while they seek out the grassroots green inventors.