By Kara Herlihy

Following a consult with Sullivan, Powers and Co., the Moretown Select Board voted to have an outside independent audit performed for the period between January 1, 2007, and March 4, 2008.

Fred Duplessis of Sullivan Powers and Co. was present at the February 4 meeting to discuss the possibility of performing either a full audit or any number of "agreed upon procedures" where the accountants could investigate specific transactions or account activity as directed by the select board.

Speaking on her own behalf, town clerk and treasurer Susan Goodyear said that she would suggest and prefer "the comfort" of a complete audit as opposed to any "agreed upon procedures" given "the harassment that has gone on this year."

Goodyear said the comfort of a full audit would be best for the incoming treasurer, for her peace of mind, and for the town.

Duplessis said that it was his understanding that Moretown would like to get financially organized and "work on procedures" and their "financial process" to better move forward into the following years.

Goodyear was asked by the town to produce financial reports for the upcoming Town Meeting Day, and select board chair Paula Mastroberardino said that at the last meeting, "some accounts were missing" from the reports.

The board also briefly discussed the possibility of changing their year-end date to June 30, which would take a year or two to fully enact, if it was agreed upon.

In other business, select board member Don Wexler also made a motion for the select board to authorize an energy committee for the Town of Moretown. The Moretown Energy Group (M.E.G) is comprised of several Moretown residents and will choose a chair at their next meeting.

The group has discussed ways of reducing energy for town buildings and working with the school on a light bulb exchange and is planning a presentation for pre-town meeting.