{mosimage} Thank you Waitsfield for the privilege of a seat on the town select board for the last seven years. On Town Meeting Day, 2008, I will be on the ballot seeking a further term on this board. With your support, once again, I will continue to work diligently on the issues, large and small, of this town and The Valley. 

Waitsfield is a special place. No one, especially those whose names are linked to the deeper history of this Valley, needs to have this explained. But this special place has equally special challenges in its future. For years your numerous public officials have researched, studied, debated, consulted, planned and drawn on public input to attempt to resolve many of these challenges. Some issues have been resolved, at least for the time being; others continue to receive attention; and still others will require work for some time yet.

While on the select board over the years I have devoted a great deal of concentrated time and effort to many issues which range from the more ordinary to the profoundly serious.   As a board member it has also been essential that I become involved in additional subcommittee work and other special projects. Below is a list of my most significant extra commitments; those that were initiated within the last two years are identified as "new."

• Invited into the Route 100 Transportation/Path project, culminating
recently in approval of its final design;

•  Instrumental in managing the town's litigation and associated costs;

•  The select board's rep on the Solid Waste Alliance, the six-town collaborative designed to manage issues of solid and hazardous waste, recycling and other waste-related issues;

•  The select board's rep on the three town Mad River Valley Planning

•  (new) chair of the Waitsfield Energy Committee, which seeks to achieve energy efficiency and cost savings in town facilities and operations;

•  (new) member of the committee assigned to select an engineering firm to prepare the design of the town's new gravel pit and monitor operational progress.

I believe it is important to explain that my involvement in these, and many other, demanding activities is not unique. Devoting time to the many extra town obligations simply comes with the "job." In every instance, however, whether pursuing basic obligations or extra functions, I do so for the central purpose of assisting the Select Board as a whole in its effort to provide an informed and fair approach to all matters of concern to the Town.

I believe the dominant challenge for Waitsfield will be to use all available and legitimate regulatory and other means to manage a measure of growth which accommodates reasonable commercial, residential and public needs without substantially undermining Waitsfield's small-town character and quality of life. I believe that, in the end, sound progress will require that the proposed gains of growth be carefully weighed against the quality and extent of any potential historic, cultural, environmental or public sacrifice. Waitsfield remains at a critical crossroads and we probably continue to have only one chance to get it right. I am committed to this and all other challenges we will face.

I respect and appreciate the support I have received in past elections. I hope you find that I deserve your continued support.

I have lived in Waitsfield for 14 years. I am a practicing attorney with the Agency of Natural Resources where I direct the operation of the enforcement division. I live with my wife, Debi, and two rescued greyhounds. I am active at the Valley Players, play baseball in the Vermont senior baseball league and hike the local ridgelines when I can.