The leading national woodworking industry source magazine, Custom Woodworking Business, selected Wood & Wood Inc. as first-place winner of the specialty woodwork category in their 15th annual design portfolio awards competition. The American Girl Place display ribbon was Wood & Wood's winning entry and one of five top category winners selected for its originality in design and excellence in craftsmanship. 

The judges were impressed by Wood & Wood's ingenuity and execution of creating a wood display ribbon that simulates a folded piece of fabric from a piece of oak. The art director at American Girl came up the interior signage display concept. Wood & Wood designed and fabricated the original six maple ribbons for The American Girl's Chicago flagship store in 1998. The winning display ribbon entry was recently installed at the New York store, and sized at 82 inches by 19.25 inches.
The CWB magazine editorial director, Helen Kuhl, says she was impressed with the company's abilities to invent ways to achieve what the customer wanted them to accomplish, even when it seemed impossible, often doing something that for all intents purposes had never been done before.

According to Sparky Potter, owner/president of Wood & Wood, Inc., what he found most interesting about this project is the fact that, "Wood is so manipulative that it would allow you to have this fantasy. It is a material that you can actually pull this off with. Not every material would allow you to manipulate it like that without falling apart."

Full coverage of this winning project with photographs can be reviewed on Wood & Wood's website at www.woodandwoodsigns.com . Wood & Wood Signs, Inc., has been designing, fabricating, installing and maintaining signs and displays since 1972.