Duxbury Select Board, file photo: Katie Martin

During a second special Duxbury Select Board meeting, board members continued their discussion of steps in budgeting, personnel and pending projects.

Just one week after a special select board meeting held at Crossett Brook Middle School (CBMS), Duxbury Select Board members regrouped to go over what the town priorities are. The CBMS meeting was open to the public. Select board members want to inform residents about changes coming to the town regarding the budget and personnel. Town residents offered thoughts, ideas and criticism.

At this week’s special select board meeting on September 16, select board members postponed any further action or discussion about the Waterbury Ambulance Service Inc. moving to a Duxbury location.

At the CBMS meeting some residents opposed Duxbury giving up land for the service. Others welcomed the idea. This week the board tabled the discussion to focus on town projects already in process.

Last year the town had a budget deficit of $108,000, but the town did not overdraw its bank account. The town directed select board assistant Jonathan DeLaBruere to use surplus funds as a local match for projects with grant funding. At the CBMS meeting residents were confused as to how the town could be in a deficit but still spending money for grants. DeLaBruere explained that when the board instructed him to use the surplus funds $300,000 was available.

The select board is creating two articles for a bond vote for town garage repairs. The town’s lawyer is drafting a resolution and the town will set a bond vote meeting at its next regular meeting.

One article is for what it would cost to fix only the necessities of the current garage for $226,000 and the second bond vote would be for additional items to be added to the garage. After the CBMS discussion, the town decided to take off adding a new heating system.

At both special meetings, board members considered whether or not to hire a fourth full-time road crew member or to contract out work for ditching and culverts. The board decided to bring it before voters at Town Meeting 2020.


David Specht, the current town treasurer, is not seeking reelection. Specht appointed Maureen Harvey, the current Duxbury town clerk, as assistant town treasurer.

The part-time select board assistant, DeLaBruere, has been working more than his 20 hours a week to help the town with grant writing and various projects. The select board asked what the residents thought of hiring him full time at the CBMS meeting and received positive feedback. The board went into executive session during the September 16 meeting over the position and took no action.