By Kara Herlihy

Engineer Mark Bannon appeared before the Warren Select Board Tuesday evening, January 22, to discuss traffic issues affecting Sugarbush Village and the possibility of creating a "low impact" alternative access to the village which may include a round-about in place of the four-way intersection at the top of the access road. 

Members of the select board and Bannon discussed safety issues associated with the current four-way intersection at Lincoln Peak, concerns about emergency vehicle access, and the current traffic density.

Bannon brought up the possibility of replacing the four-way intersection currently in place at the top of the access road with a round-about, which is not to be confused with a rotary or traffic circle.

Roundabouts create a traffic pattern where entering vehicles yield; vehicles in the roundabout have priority over entering vehicles and use deflection to maintain low speeds.

Bannon and the board also discussed the possibility of created a "low density" alternative route to Sugarbush Village area that would provide access to the residential village area and allow for easier access for emergency vehicles, fire trucks specifically.

The potential connector road would connect the Colony development to the Sugarbush Village Road.

Bannon said that the alternative route would "in no way replace the access road," and would likely be a low density "emergency route" that would control traffic.

He also said that the route would "create a connection for improved safety."

"You've given us a lot to think about," said select board member Barry Simpson.