By Kara Herlihy

The Duxbury Development Review Board approved a five-lot subdivision covering 2,085 acres on Dowsville Road.

The applicant, Forcastle Timber Co. LLC, was represented at two public hearings by consultant Gunner McCain, who fielded questions and concerns from several apprehensive abutting landowners and interested parties.

The subdivision will split the 2,085 acres into four residential lots, each measuring approximately 28 acres, and the remaining large 2,200-acre tract that McCain said would most likely remain in forestry use.

At the first public hearing, held February 12, McCain said, "My client would like to keep as much land in forestry as possible." He also said that his client would like to keep the balance of the land in forestry as "long as we can" citing tax burden if the property is not sold.

At the second public hearing, held on March 11, McCain said he had met with the Duxbury Select Board and discussed the possibility of widening the road in order to alleviate any concerns over steepness which became a significant focus of the first hearing.

Interested parties and abutting landowners questioned the proposed subdivision's compliance with the Duxbury Town Plan, which specifically mentions the Ward Hill parcel and the town's desire to discourage development on it; the parcel is above 1,500 feet in elevation.

The subdivision will not require an Act 250 permit but will need a number of state permits including storm water management and water/sewer.