A new cellular tower is being installed in Moretown. The installation project will provide modification to an existing telecommunication facility at Hoover Hill Road off Pony Farm Road. This means new panel antennas, a new equipment shelter and a new concrete base pad. 

Specifically, Verizon proposes to mount a total of nine panel antennas, six remote radio

heads and one distribution box with supporting equipment and cabling, on the 100-foot tower. 

The work will be done by a company called Bell Atlantic Mobile Systems that rents to Verizon Wireless. Moretown zoning administrator David Specht pointed out that the company also rents to other carriers, so the tower could potentially provide service to people with many different carriers in the Moretown/Duxbury area. “Hopefully, Consumer Cellular would be included -- my carrier,” said Specht. 


According to an August 3 order by the Vermont Public Utility Commission, the project will not increase the height or width of the existing facility. This means one need not worry about the cell tower becoming a potential eyesore to town residents. Additionally there will be no changes to the property boundaries and setbacks, utilities, wetlands, drainage or erosion control, screening, landscaping, ground cover, fencing, exterior lighting and signage or  access.

The net increase of the surface area of the faces of the antennas attached to the existing structure will not exceed 75 square feet, and the antennas will not extend vertically or horizontally from the structure by more than 10 feet. 

According to the June 19 certificate of public good for the project, the project will promote the general good of the state by improving wireless telecommunication infrastructure to increase capacity and support state-of-the-art wireless services in the community; improving high speed data services for businesses and residents; providing competitive choices for consumers; and providing the opportunity to improve economic development within the state – in conformance with the Vermont Public Utility Commission’s substantive criteria.