By Kara Herlihy

The Fayston Planning Commission (PC) is in the process of finalizing revisions to the Town Plan, following a year-long extension previously granted by the Select Board.

The extension was granted, in part due to a major shift in PC duties after the town created a Development Review Board (DRB) to handle subdivision applications along with other duties previously reserved for the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

As a result of the shift in duties, the Planning Commission moved away from development review to focus exclusively on long-term planning.


Once the final Town Plan is complete, it must be approved by the select board as well as the Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission (CVRPC), and is subject to a public hearing.

Fayston PC member Laura Kingsbury said they hope to have the document finalized by mid July, while the commission is not scheduled to meet with the select board until July 9.


Minutes from last year's meetings indicate that the PC set a schedule to review the Town Plan chapter by chapter. The process began in May 2007, with meetings devoted to chapters addressing the cultural environment, housing and transportation. The initial review continued through June and July, when the board took up issues such as land use, natural resources and recreation.

Several public forums dedicated to the Town Plan drew comments and suggestions from residents as well as a survey mailed to Fayston households that garnered nearly 400 responses.

Results were analyzed according to several criteria, including full- or part-time residential status.


"Residents believe that the town's greatest assets are its rural character, scenic beauty, natural resources and recreational opportunities, and that these assets should be preserved," according to a summary of survey results. "While many are concerned about the impact of development, a large majority (85 percent) believe that growth that is consistent with the town's character should be accommodated," according to the survey.

According to the results, nearly half of the full-time residents who responded believe that Fayston is growing too rapidly, while 32 percent believe that the town's growth rate is "about right," and 17 percent had no opinion.

The full results of the Fayston Town Survey are available on the town's website (www.faystonvt.com ). The document contains charts and graphs in addition to a narrative of results.