By Kara Herlihy

The Warren Select Board heard an update from several of the town's listers, including Priscilla Robinson, regarding the ongoing progress of the town's property reappraisal.

The board of listers was previously granted a 30-day extension by the select board for the property assessments, a process that has been ongoing "for quite some time," according to Robinson.  

"We've been trying to file for two to three years, and we're close enough to see the end," Robinson added.


Town Lister Gary Bombard said that they've "come a long way" in terms of finalizing property values. "We've made an awful lot of progress," Robinson added.

Robinson said that the state system was not built to deal with a town like Warren, with such a varied range of properties including a golf course, a ski area and a significant number of condominiums.

Warren listers are working on finalizing the values of between 3,200 and 3,300 individual assessments and hopes to have those numbers by mid to late July.


Robinson said that they see no reason they wouldn't be able to complete the task by then, but with the Fourth of July holiday, it might be difficult due to staff vacations.

The individual assessments represent property market values as of April 1. The listers reminded members of the select board that any residents seeking their 2008 assessments before the July deadline will receive their 2007 quote, as the 2008 numbers are not public record yet.

Residents who have questions or are dissatisfied with their assessments must first schedule an appointment with the listers, as there are 15 days following the release to file grievances.


"We get a lot of good questions," Robinson said. "We have a lot of very smart taxpayers in Warren," she continued.

Information regarding grievances will be available on the notice. Select board chair Burt Bauchner said, "We want everybody treated fairly and equally, and pay their taxes on a fair and equitable basis."

For questions regarding the property reappraisal, contact Priscilla Robinson at the Warren Municipal Offices.