This week, The Valley Reporter reached out to Superintendent Brigid Nease to ask a few questions about pandemic-related protocol and staffing changes in the Harwood Unified Union School District (HUUSD). Here are her answers:

Q: Has HUUSD found enough bus monitors to screen students?

A: No. We are still five short.

Q: Has HUUSD found enough custodians? How many more are needed?

A: No, we are four short.



Q: Does HUUSD have a policy on staff and educators traveling outside of the state during the school year?

A: No. We do not have any authority to tell families or staff where they can and cannot travel. We expect to hear guidance about travel coming from the Vermont Department of Health within a week or so.

Q: Is the HUUSD thinking about transitioning to five in-person school days for elementary school students? When will the last parent survey results be available?

A: The HUUSD administration team is meeting Wednesday and Thursday this week to review all our data and make a decision. All models are being considered. We expect our decision to be published by October 12 along with the survey data.



Q: What has the HUUSD administration been brainstorming regarding temperature checks in the winter time?

A: We expect additional guidance from the Vermont Department of Health within a week on temperature checks. We are exploring moving screenings inside and thermal systems.