By Lisa Loomis

After the second emergency meeting in a week, the Waitsfield School Board, school community and administration came up with a plan to complete work on the school's soccer field, which was suspended after the contractor sprayed the field with herbicides while children were present.

The board met with parents and community members on June 19, after a three-hour meeting was held on June 16 on the same topic. At the second meeting the focus was on moving forward with getting the field completed. To that end, the board named school parents David Wimble and Scott Kingsbury to serve as clerks of the work for the project and to work with parents Wes Lowe and Troy Kingsbury, also a board member, to get the project completed.


Troy Kingsbury tilled the field in two directions over the weekend. He, the clerks of the work, and Lowe will get the field raked (to level it) and then reseed the field within the next week.

Principal Richard Schattman said that the project will not require bringing in new or additional top soil which will save the school money. The school contracted with the Buckley Corporation to repair a soccer field at the southern end of the school, after receiving two bids for the project. The school had received a grant from the Mad River Recreation District that covered significant portions of the cost.


The Buckley Corporation came to work on the field on May 29 and June 4, both times spraying the herbicide Eraser on the field while children were present, once at recess and once during the afterschool program.

Parents did not receive notification about the incident until June 5 via the school's electronic newsletter. The Buckley Corporation is under investigation by the state for its actions and for applying herbicides without proper state licensing.