The Warren Select Board approved changes to the job descriptions for the town’s road crew.

At a February 16 meeting the board considered changes that board member Bob Ackland made to the road crew job descriptions. Ackland explained that the changes were primarily made to the description of the assistant highway supervisor. The sentence: “The position requires all the skills and responsibilities of a level III, as well as assisting the highway supervisor on a variety of administrative and supervisory activities,” was added, as well as other sentences explaining the type of leadership and communication needed for the assistant highway supervisor. A vote by the board members approved the small changes to not only the assistant highway supervisor job description, but also three others.

Ackland also proposed that the description should be “cut down” and more condensed. As of now, the description is about four to five pages. Ackland explained that less is more. “You can’t cover everything, and I think trying to cover so much often both constricts the staff members as well as the supervisor,” he said.


Condensing the road crew language, among other job descriptions, would be “its own project” said board member Camilla Behn. The board agreed that they would try to get what Ackland calls a “true job description, or more standardized job description,” done by the end of September.

Warren public safety officer Jeff Campbell started the meeting off with a COVID-19 update, offering details on national and local COVID rates. After the COVID-19 update, the board heard from Dayna Lisaius and Campbell, two candidates for the position of delinquent tax collector. Lisaius is the town treasurer and assistant town clerk. Campbell is the assistant fire chief, public safety officer and the emergency management director. Both offered their qualifications for the job to the public via the Zoom meeting.


The board also finalized preparations for Town Meeting Day on March 2.

“Two weeks from today is Town Meeting Day, which is, of course, an Australian ballot only,” explained board chair Andrew Cunningham. The select board will be holding an informational meeting on February 23 at 7 p.m. via Zoom. During the meeting the board will go through the budget and also watch a 15-minute video presentation made by Ackland. The Zoom link is on the town website.

Board member Camilla Behn asked if the select board will be meeting on Town Meeting Day, Cunningham explained that they’re not. “It is our duty to go and either vote by mail or in person, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. in the basement of Town Hall. That’s it, that’s your duty.”

The last order of business was to approve a liquor license for the West Hill Bed and Breakfast.