By Kara Herlihy

Residents of Airport Road voiced concerns on October 13, Monday evening, over the proposed addition of an industrial district in Fayston. Members of the Select Board approved the industrial zone as a part of the newly rewritten Town Plan.

The industrial zone will be located on the Kingsbury parcel adjacent to the Waitsfield Industrial District. The added zone comes in the form of new language added to the revised land use regulations, which includes the purpose of the district, its permitted uses, dimension standards and supplemental district standards.


The zone occupies an approximately five-acre sub-parcel contiguous to Waitsfield's pre-existing industrial zone. No new roads will be added, according to planning commission member Shayne Jacquith.

Jacquith addressed residents' concerns over the size and location of the sub-parcel, and said that it would be marked out in the town's zoning map.

Residents expressed concerns over potential environmental impacts, erosion, noise pollution and storm water runoff. Select board members assured residents that any and all pollution and environmental concerns will be thoroughly investigated by both the Development Review Board and the Act 250 review process.


One resident of Airport Road said, "We're concerned when we hear the word industrial." Another concerned resident said he believed there is a double standard for people who live on the adjacent properties year round versus those who aren't full-time residents.

Initial interest in an industrial zone, according to select board members, was to "keep Faystonians in Fayston," because currently, Fayston has no commercial industrial district.

Jacquith said the addition of an industrial district "was attractive because it's contiguous to the industrial activities in The Valley, with no new industrial traffic and no new roads."


The district would be a "minor extension" that would be in line with what is currently operating up there, according to planning commission member Kevin Wry.

According to the proposed language, the purpose of the industrial zone is "to promote well-paying, year-round employment in the Mad River Valley by encouraging the concentration of manufacturing and other compatible uses in an appropriate location that will have minimal negative impact on surrounding properties and the rural character of the community."

Dimensional standards imposed include a limited lot size of 10,000 square feet, minimal road frontage of 75 feet, a minimum setback of 25 feet from the front, 15 feet from the sides and 15 feet from the rear.


The maximum building height is limited to 50 feet, while the district boundary is proposed at 50 feet.

Supplemental district standards proposed include landscaping and screening, because the Development Review board "may require the installation of landscaping and/or screening to limit or prevent visibility of structures, storage areas and associated uses from adjacent parcels and town roads," according to proposed language changes.

The proposed additional language continues, "The DRB may also require the establishment and maintenance of a vegetative screen along district boundaries to provide a visual barrier between the district and adjacent residential areas."

The addition of the industrial district was approved by the Fayston Select Board and added to the revised Land Use Regulations.