After receiving a scholarship to study at St. Micheal’s College in 2016, Rania McClymont and her husband, Andrew McClymont, packed their suitcases and moved halfway across the globe, from Australia to Moretown.

However, now that Rania has finished her studies, the couple is getting ready to move to Darwin, Australia, with their 2-year-old son, Monty.

“Rania is from East Timor. My family is in Australia. It makes sense to move back there eventually. We want our son to meet his extended family. That’s why we plan to relocate home,” said Andrew. The couple plans to move sometime in 2022.


While Rania was pursuing her studies, Andrew launched the U.S. branch of goodMix, a blend of gut-friendly nuts, seeds and other high-quality superfood ingredients, which he produces at the Mad River Food Hub in Waitsfield.

The original goodMix recipe was created by Andrew’s sister, an Australian-based naturopath focused on gut health and nutrition. Her work in Australia inspired Andrew to launch goodMix in the U.S, a decision that gave Andrew more than just a means to support his family: it changed his outlook on health and wellness too.

“I absorbed some of my sister's knowledge and advice, which brought me into the wellness community,” said Andrew. “I’m really fortunate I came into the health and wellness field, even if somewhat by accident. Most people are sadly oblivious to what’s going on with the food they eat, the quality is often lacking and the consequences after a lifetime can be quite dire coupled with other poor lifestyle factors.”


While Andrew admitted that goodMix doesn’t necessarily “fly off the shelves” due to its premium price and “birdseed-like appearance,” many health conscious Valley residents have become loyal consumers of goodMix products, which include a variety of all organic superfoods like chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, flax seeds, raw cacao nibs, goji berries and more.


“The people who see it that take the time to read the label and have knowledge of the ingredients really recognize the value of it. It’s a premium product and it attracts the health-conscious consumer,” said Andrew. “We love making it, knowing how much the health of our customers benefits from goodMix. And, people love eating it.”

What does the move mean for the sale of goodMix products in The Valley? It depends on whether Andrew is able to sell the business or find a business partner.

Right now, Andrew sources his organic ingredients from all over the world via New England organic wholesalers. Once they are shipped to Vermont, he and two part-time employees combine and package goodMix products at the Mad River Food Hub. Ideally, Andrew would find someone to take over that process before he moves.

“We could work together, myself remotely, of course, so that the business could carry on,” said Andrew. “The other option is someone buys the business outright.”

Andrew is looking for a health-conscious buyer or business partner. “We ideally would find someone who’s passionate about health and nutrition,” said Andrew. “It’s not everyone’s cup of tea making healthy food.”



Additionally, Andrew is seeking a partner or buyer with an entrepreneurial background and preferably some digital marketing skills. “I know they’re out there, it’s just a matter of finding them,” he said.

While the couple is excited to get back to their roots; there are many things they will miss about living in The Valley. “The main thing we’ll miss is the tranquility and relaxed lifestyle,” said Andrew. “Also, the ready access to so much high-quality produce and food. There’s so much great dairy, meat and other artisanal products available here.”

Andrew is a fan of the dairy and meat at von Trapp Farmstead in Waitsfield, where his goodMix packages can be found in the farm store. People can also find goodMix at other Valley locations, including the East Warren Community Market, The Warren Store, and the Mad River Taste Place.



Even as the couple prepares for the move, new goodMix products are being developed. Most recently, Andrew created various trail mix packages which include seeds and nuts that don’t have to be soaked before eating.

Interestingly, Andrew doesn’t plan to continue making goodMix when he’s back in Australia, since his sister already has the Australian goodMix branch under control. Instead, he will go back to his old job: flying helicopters.

“I’m a helicopter pilot,” said Andrew. He will need to brush up on his flying skills, however. He hasn’t flown in five years. “I love flying. It’s a great job, certainly a little different to goodMix but also a great career.”