By Kara Herlihy

Moretown's new town garage is nearing completion, according to town garage committee representative Hoover Austin, who was present at the December 1 meeting of the select board.

Austin said the cedar-clad steel garage doors will be completed by Tuesday, December 2, and the new above-ground propane tank will arrive before Thursday or Friday of this week.

The heat has been turned on, and Austin pointed to the energy efficiency of the new boiler, which maintains even temperature heat throughout the entire building. He wagered that the new town garage will cost less to heat than the old building.


Austin also recommended that some town employee should be trained and know how to run the new boiler, which he said is computerized and more technical than the last system.

While neighbors have recently taken issue with the brightness of the garage's outdoor lighting fixtures, Austin said he has been looking into lower wattage bulbs as well and considering putting the outdoor light fixtures on a timer that would turn the lights off around 10 p.m.


The old overhead doors salvaged from the previous town garage were sold for $900; the sum will be added to the town garage budget, as decided by select board members at the December 1 meeting.

The old town garage was demolished on July 7. Moretown voters approved an article to spend $900,000 on the project at Town Meeting in March. Because the article was not properly warned, Moretown residents were asked to vote once more on the article in September.

Initially, the project was denied a conditional use permit by the Moretown DRB because of concerns over storm water runoff and landscaping plans. The select board refused to hire an engineer without the permit and, as a result, the DRB agreed to reopen the application.


The new town garage is wider and longer so it is able to hold all of the town's equipment and allow the road crew to service the machinery inside the building. The footprint measures 60 by 110 feet, and there are three entrance bays on Route 100B.

Austin said that all three trucks fit in the center bay "back to back" currently. The painting, plumbing, electric heat, phone and cable lines are all nearing completion, Austin added, and he anticipates that the building will be ready and occupied sometime next week.


Landscaping work was completed in mid-November, Austin added, while the chain link fence installation is also complete. Austin said he had been looking into signage options for around the town sand pile to prevent children from playing in and around the pile and town equipment.

Austin said that thus far, the town garage project is on budget, but it "might be tight." Town officials estimated that there is approximately $26,000 left in the budget.