A likeness of the kiosks and wayfinding signs for the Waterbury construction site.


  • Flaggers and pedestrian crossers will be present where construction is taking place.
  • Pay attention to changing work locations and traffic flow.
  • Support your local businesses. SHOP and DINE LOCAL!
  • Weekends are Construction Free!
  • Several people asked about the kiosks and wayfinding signs last week. A likeness is included in this update.


Segment 1. North Main Street from railroad bridge by Dac Rowe to Stowe Street

  • Work will continue on North Main Street from the railroad bridge towards the downtown core to install new concrete sidewalks and walkways. The schedule for concrete pouring is dependent on weather. Forms will be set-up in advance for poured concrete sidewalks. There are four properties (odd numbered) remaining on North Main Street that need to have the new concrete sidewalk installed across their driveways. You will be contacted in advance for timing. The municipal office building and library is available during this time for parking or you may want to coordinate with your neighbors for shared temporary parking.
  • Grading and hydroseeding is taking place.
  • Kiosk work continues at the Bidwell Lane, Stowe Street intersection.


Segment 2. South Main Street from Stowe Street to Park Row

  • New concrete sidewalks are being poured down Elm Street and along South Main Street.
  • Businesses will retain pedestrian access across bridged walkways over newly poured concrete.
  • The Elm Street parking lot access will be closed while the new concrete sidewalk across the entrance cures for approximately seven days.


Segments 3 and 4. South Main Street from Park Row to the end of the project

  • Kiosk work continues at the corner of Park Row and South Main Street and the corner of Demeritt Place and Main Street.

The schedule for the construction areas and paving is contingent on weather, equipment, supplies and a variety of circumstances. Contact: Barb Farr, 802-244-4300, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Sign up for automatic updates and check on project details go to www.waterburyworks.com