By Kara Herlihy

Sugarbush has shelved plans to construct the next phase of its Lincoln Peak redevelopment project this year.

Sugarbush representatives Jason Lisai and Margo Wade were present at the April 16 meeting of the Mad River Valley Planning District to discuss halted plans for the proposed Sugarbush redevelopment of the Lincoln Peak village.

Lisai told MRVPD Steering Committee members that permitting requests for Phase 1C was withdrawn, for this year, as were those for Phase 1B. Lisai said permitting delays, no certain start date and economic/financing issues prevented the project from beginning this spring.

Skier services renovation will hopefully commence in spring 2010, according to Lisai. "We are disappointed but are back to the drawing board and will come back with Phase 1C and Phase 1B in the future," Lisai said.



Regulatory board permits for both project phases were applied for simultaneously, Lisai said, adding, "The residential pays for the services."

The project was proposed as a two-phase, two- to three-building construction project to accommodate skier services and provide more residential space. Renovation plans included a 14,000-square-foot children's ski school building, a 1,100-square-foot Discovery Center, and an adult ski school and rental shop building totally 12,000 square feet. The three buildings total 32,000 feet.


The application was for between 60 and 78 residential units, most likely resulting in 62 units, according to Lisai. The project requires local and state approval, including an application to amend the 2005 permits for a family center at Lincoln Peak. The 2005 permits allowed the resort to construct a 45,000-square-foot skier services building, a 39-unit building and the relocating and replacement of the Village lift and surface lifts.

At the April 16 meeting, Lisai said Sugarbush had "a pretty good season" despite numbers being down.

"People are pretty conservative right now," Lisai said.