By Kara Herlihy

The reopening of a path that connects Warren Village to the Brooks Field is "not going to happen," according to Sue Carter, who closed the portion of the path that crosses her property two weeks ago.

Carter was present at the May 12 meeting of the Warren Select Board where several Warren School parents made a case for the reopening of the path that has been utilized by school children and residents for over 60 years.

Carter said she didn't know why the issue was brought before the select board in the first place.


"It's private property, I've registered it with the town, and I don't feel I have to have them on my property. In the past, nobody has used it with my permission, and I shouldn't have to go to further authority. I've done everything legally," Carter stated.

The path that crosses Carter's property has been used by residents for recreation, students traveling to and from the Warren School, as well as visitors and locals alike on the Fourth of July.

Select board member Kirsten Reilly said the path has served as a safe route to school for many children, allowing students to travel safely without being accompanied by adults.


Select board member Matt Groom expressed his concern with the speed of traffic on Brook Road, which he said he feels is not safe for unaccompanied children.

When asked if there was a way to incorporate signage or restrictions that would allow the path to be reopened, Carter said that the liability and responsibility of opening the path is "something I don't want to deal with."

Carter said she is not interested in selling the section of path for an easement or allowing a right of way to the town, wherein the responsibility would be assumed under the town insurance policy.


Several residents apologized to Carter for using the path without permission and taking it for granted. Carter said in the past there has been "an awful lot of trash and dogs off the leash," which she said was a "big issue."

Carter also expressed her frustration with trees and bushes being cut down while she was out of town, also without her permission. When asked if she would be willing to allow the path to be used on the Fourth of July, Carter said, "No."

Carter said she has posted several "No Trespassing" signs that have been torn down on a few occasions.

Select board chair Burt Bauchner said the select board will investigate the circumstances as well as possible alternate routes, and hopefully come up with a resolution that will "keep kids safe."